Dec 4 2017


Got my government funded ivf cycle date. 

The good news. It’s in early December and could move up a few days or weeks if a lucky few manage to make a miracle happen without ivf and choose to give up their funding date. 

The bad news is we are talking 2017. So about 15 months away. Also my sister is most likely going to want to be pregnant by then. So the likelihood of me using a funded cycle is low at best. Logistically, ED sis needs to be ready and willing when her retrieval cycle starts in December 2017. Then they will likely freeze all embryos while I prep for transfer. So really, transfers for me won’t happen till early 2018. And I am assuming that it will take a few tries (if it will work at all). 

Realistically, I think ED sis will start her investigations some time next spring/summer and at that time we will likely opt for a privately funded cycle (note to self: need to save up $20,000 in the next 8 months). And see where things go from there. 

One thing I have been thinking is that I could, as a back up, ask my bestie (who has offered her eggs up) to provide her donation during the govt funded cycle time. That way we have 2 batches of potentially viable embryos. Sort of a buy one get one free sort of deal. But I feel that is incredibly selfish. Will I really try that many times? Is it a waste of perfectly good embryos to keep trying and failing?

I mean when is enough really enough? Not sure I know the answer. But I guess I have time to think about it. 


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