Best period ever.

The irony of the title is not lost on me.

This was my best period ever. Period. (pun intended!)

Also TMI alert.

This time around the blood was red. Like fresh red. Almost too red. All my years of the pill and HRT I have never had a period that was this red and ‘fresh’. It is always dark brown blood, almost black. Which indicates old blood. Speaking to my naturopath about it, she indicated that old blood means that it is not leaving your system fast enough. It is just kinda sitting around not doing much. It is important to have fresh blood, so you know that your body is expelling as soon as it happens. Like it is supposed to. So I take that as a good sign.

It was also a whole lot heavier than I have ever experienced. Now by no means would I classify this as a heavy period. But I actually needed to change my pad three times on day 1 and 2. Most months I change my pad once a day and I’ve even survived on just panty liners for an entire period. So yes. This is a big deal.

I felt cramps. Like honest to goodness heaviness and mild cramping in my lower abdomen. Again not severe enough to complain about. But I don’t cramp. It is just not something I experience on a monthly basis.

My period this month confirms that this lining was my thickest yet (see my summary of all my cycles here). So all in all, even though I developed fluid in the last week of this cycle, I believe that the Estrace, Estradot, Sildenafil combo really did help build up my lining and I think it is a keeper.

It remains to be seen if after a year and a bit off from the drugs my body will still respond in the same way, and maybe do a little bit better. But since hope is all I’ve got. I’ll take it.



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