#MicroblogMonday : Date night

Yesterday was date night.

Well more like date day. His mom and dad were off doing a pottery lesson as an anniversary present I bought them, while I got to spend three glorious hours hanging out with him.

We took advantage of the great weather and took a stroll through the park. Then stopped at Starbucks for a quick refresher. I had an iced tea and he had some lukewarm milk. Then we went shopping, he started to get fussy so we took a break to sit down and sing nursery rhymes together. He loves singing songs together. We then met up with his parents and had dinner at a summer food market before we headed back home.

I am absolutely smitten with him. DH doesn’t mind. Besides, with him travelling so much I have to find something to do with my time!

I hope we can do it again soon. I have to find another excuse to get his parents to go out so we can spend more time together.

Hopefully he doesn’t grow up too quickly so I can enjoy more of these days with him. Wait, did I mention I am talking about my 7 month-old nephew?

Hoping for another date night soon!

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