Chose your own blog post

Another one of those where I have so much to say I decided to put it all in one post split into three. The choice are:

  1. NYC or bust
  2. The return of the in-laws
  3. Moist and Creamy


1.NYC or Bust

This weekend was my quick trip to NYC to visit DH for a mini vacation from work. I booked Friday off and planned to fly out at 8:30 Thursday night. I was super organized. I took my suitcase with me to work so I could leave right after work for the airport. All day Thursday I scrambled to get work done so that there would be nothing urgent left on my plate until I got back on Monday.

I got on the train to the airport (a quick 20 minute ride from work), and just as the doors for the train was closing, I received an email from the airline: “due to an unexpected event your flight has been cancelled”. Say what? They automatically rebooked me on a flight the next day at 2:30pm. So I would essentially loose my entire vacation day to an ‘unexpected event’!

I arrived at the airport and headed for the airline counter to find out more. Apparently all planes to Laguardia had been halted for the day by air traffic control in LGA. So all flights were cancelled. They claimed weather was the reason (it had been sunny and hot, with some rain later that evening in New York). But I am not so sure. Around the same time news was breaking of the Nice. France terror attack…

All remaining flights to JFK were fully booked, so my only choices were cancel my trip or fly out the next day. I decided to go see DH the next day. I made the best of the rest of that evening by inviting over my bestie for drinks and dessert. The next morning I treated myself to a blowdry at the salon before heading to the airport.

In NYC DH and I spent the rest of our weekend enjoying our favorite eats, doing a bit of shopping, and even spent the day at Rockaway beach on Saturday. All of this while playing Pokemon GO! It was a great weekend!

2. The Return of the In-Laws

My in-laws have come and gone. They arrived Monday afternoon and spent the afternoon with my mother who then got them to my Mother-in-law’s eye appointment that evening. MIL has a followup eye appointment in September. They want to see if the problem is getting worse or staying the same before they decide if surgery is needed.

Unfortunately with my pending trip to NYC on Thursday (see part 1: NYC or Bust, above), I was swamped with work obligations and evening meetings. So I did not get to even spend a meal with them. We did chat every evening though to catch up on our day.

They left Thursday afternoon for Ottawa. They are thinking about buying an apartment in Ottawa to make that their summer home so they can visit their kids and grandkids more often (my sister-in-law lives a couple of hours drive away in Kingston).

They will split their time between Ottawa and Kingston for the next month or so, and hopefully in September when they come back we will spend a bit more time together.

3. Moist and Creamy

In the category of TMI:

I did a half-ass job to keep the suppositories hidden from my in-laws last week (see Part 2:The Return of the In-Laws). Mostly because I was lazy and honestly couldn’t figure out how to hide them in the fridge other than peeling the name sticker off the labels, and storing them in the paper bag they came in. My applicator and estrace pills were on my bathroom counter all week, so I am pretty sure MIL could have snooped around and found them if she was so inclined. But I didn’t say a thing and she didn’t ask.

It was hectic travelling (see part 1: NYC or Bust, above) and ensuring I took my suppositories as required as well as keeping them cool this past weekend. They held up quite well on my travel days. I packed them in a cooler bag with an ice pack and checked that into my luggage (mostly because I didn’t want to risk them throwing out my ice pack because of the liquid/gel restrictions for airplanes – I know there is an exception for medicine, and I have my prescription, but you never know. I would rather not have them throw out a few hundred dollars of medication).

The problem with checked baggage though, is that bags get lost. When I got to the airport my bag did not appear on the conveyor belt! Ugh! I started second guessing how smart I was to have checked the meds in my suitcase in the first place.

An airline rep carted me off to the office and was starting to fill out a lost bag claim, and arrange to replace the lost meds (although I was not sure where I could find a compounding pharmacy to make the suppositories on quick order in NYC), when the bag magically appeared after all! (Hurray!) Albeit damaged, (Ugh another claim to file…).

In the end, the meds survived. The ice pack cooler combo held up quite well. The rest of the weekend we managed to get by. We came home every 6 hours or so, to allow me to take the meds on time.

Unfortunately, one night I did forget to put the suppositories back in the fridge (Oops!). But thankfully, even with the excessive-no A/C heat in DH’s apartment this past weekend, they did not melt! Phew! (our theory is that they melt at body temperature, and it never got that warm inside the bathroom overnight). But it is good to know that they can survive a bit of time outside of the fridge.

The worst part was the excessive heat and walking around caused a whole lot of moist and creamy discharge. I mean the stuff leaking out and up my butt crack was a very interesting feeling when walking about in public. I kept having to find a bathroom to just go wipe it all off. Fun!

giphy (2)

And then there was sex… I insisted we use a condom (to which DH replied: ‘But I think I have forgotten how, its been so long!’), and even then the moist-creaminess managed to get everywhere! Ugh!

I will glad to be over with this whole part of the cycle.

Lining check on the 21st (day 14). I’m still taking bets on how thick the lining will be this time around…


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