#MicroblogMonday: Day 4 update

Microblog_MondaysDay 1 of this my last mock cycle redux, part 3, was Friday.

I started the estrace (2mg twice a day, vaginally) and Viagra suppositories (25mg 4 times a day, vaginally) on Friday night.

Saturday all day I had a nagging headache. Not bad enough to be debilitating, but just enough to be annoying and make me want to just lie down. Same thing Sunday. I pushed through it though and took ibuprofen as needed. Today it seems to have subsided though.

I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the Viagra. It makes sense. Basically it is causing my blood vessels to dilate, and more blood to flow everywhere, including my head. So a headache makes sense. Hopefully my body will just get used to it in the next few days and the headaches don’t last the whole month.

Walk of shame to the work washroom with my little medication ice box was interesting. I am thinking of bringing in a small toiletries pouch to disguise the package instead, so it just seems like I’m going to ‘powder my nose’ next time. Live and learn I guess.

Also on the TMI front: apparently having a BM an hour after inserting a suppository is a bad idea (i.e. everything falls out!). Not sure that I can control that part though. It has only happened once so far, so hopefully I am still absorbing enough of the meds! Boobs are fine though. No pain yet.

Lining check is scheduled for Jul 21 (Day 14).

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