The in-laws are coming to town!

My in-laws are coming to visit next week. I know, that is a scary sentence.

They rarely visit. This will be the second time since we have been married (7+ years ago) that they are visiting (we do visit them once a year or so). But this time DH, also known as their son, will not be here (off in New York for work). So I am on my own!

They are nice enough people. But very private. They love to travel so are out of country for most of the year and when they are in the country, they live on the west coast. We speak on the phone or via Skype quite regularly though. His mother is your typical overly protective brown mom. Dad is the typical stubborn ‘don’t like change’ kind of person. Which is a ticking time bomb when you couple that with my stubborn ‘tell it like it is’ attitude. Yet the last 7 years has managed to be quite cordial.

But when they do visit, or we visit them, it is always stressful. Dad will want to ‘fix’ or improve something of ours that I don’t agree with. So finding a polite way to decline is always tough. Mom cooks up a storm in the kitchen, which is fine by me, but she goes out and buys a whole bunch of ingredients that will just go bad once she leaves. Typical in-laws stuff.

But it is all good. It will be nice to see them again. They are making this visit to get her eyes checked out. We are suspecting either retinal detachment or macular degeneration so it is important for her to get this checked out soon. We were able to pull some strings and get her an appointment on Tuesday with an ophthalmologist friend close to home (the benefits of having doctors in the family!).

I hope that it is not too serious and treatable, but this visit may end up being a bit longer than their usual few days if she needs surgery.

Oh! and by the way, I will be in the middle of this mock cycle, Viagra suppositories and all!

We haven’t told them about the IF treatments just yet. They know that we are not having children now, easy enough to explain since DH is still finishing up med-school and is away most of the time. They don’t know that we are exploring our options. And honestly I don’t want to tell either set of parents until we know for sure what we are doing. It brings up too many hopes that could result in disappointment later. Also DH is not certain his parents will understand the whole DE/IVF thing. So that will be an interesting conversation if it does happen.

I toyed with the idea of keeping the suppositories in a cooler in my room for the duration of their visit, but I’m not sure that they will last, and I will have to keep topping up the ice as it melts. Seems like too much trouble. I think I’m just going to leave them in the fridge and hope that she doesn’t go snooping through my fridge. Maybe I will peel the labels off so they can’t tell what it is or who it is for. So awkward. But I figure, since they are very private people, they will respect mine too. Right?

Any tips on how to make this any more discreet?


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