By the numbers

$338.87. That is how much the Viagra suppositories will cost for 1 cycle (21 days supply). The icing on the cake: that amount will not be covered by my drug insurance benefits. That along with the fact that I have exhausted my insurance benefits for acupuncture for this year, means that this next cycle is going to be painfully expensive for a very low pay off (not even the chance of a BFP in sight).

I thought it might be helpful to go over the cost of a mock cycle so far.

So far the cost of 1 cycle (in Ontario, Canada):

  • Estrace Pills & Estradot Patches: $13 (subsidized by my drug insurance benefits)
  • Viagra (Sildenafil) suppositories (for 21 days): $ 334
  • Acupuncture appointments (approx 6 @$60 ea): $360 (not subsidized, next year it will be subsidized at 80%)
  • Transportation for lining check appointments (Walk 1 way, and take the subway 1 way so I am back within my lunch hour): $10
  • Vitamin E pills: $17.00 (3 months supply)-$5.60/month
  • Omega 3 supplement: $30.00 (1.5 months supply) – $20/month
  • Prenatal Vitamins: $60.00 (4 months supply) -$15/month
  • Pomegranate Juice (approx. $5 every 2 days for 21 days): $50

Total cost for next cycle (approx): $810 (that’s Canadian Dollars)

This is before any actual IVF costs are factored in. That I will find out in August at my follow up with Dr. Go. I am hoping for our first cycle to be a government funded cycle so the costs may not be very different next year.



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