Next steps

Had my follow up with Dr. Go today.

He checked my lining again. 5.6. (Proving that each person reads these things differently. Where did the 0.1 go in 5 days?)

But he seemed optimistic. He said this was positive since I did better that my previous cycles. He suggested we go for one more cycle with the addition of viagra  suppositories to see if that makes a difference.

Also in the meantime he wants me to come in for a proper follow up and next steps appointment where we talk about how to start a proper govt funded cycle. He also suggested I can bring my sister in so we can chat with her about the process. Eventually she will be referred to her own physician. But for now he can explain the process to us both.

The current wait for a funded cycle is 1 year. So at best we would be looking at a summer 2017 transfer. So might as well get in line now if we can. He seemed to think this was the natural next step. Which is the exact opposite reaction to a lining under 6mm than I would expect.

So looks like we are still in the game.

Next steps:

  1. Start provera and continue for 7days and wait for day 1 to start new cycle.
  2. Follow up to discuss IVF and OHIP funded cycle process booked for August 4.

Here’s to another month…with a bit more success!


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