Choose your own blog

Remember the choose your own adventure books that were so popular when you were in grade school? I do. Loved them. I used to spend hours working through the different permutations of the story so that I could experience all the different paths offered. As a kid, I always thought that was a brilliant way to tell a story. (Maybe some connection can be drawn between that and my control issues).

So as a nod to those choose your own adventure books, I decided to make this post a ‘choose your own blog post’ post. I figure it’s a great way to get random thoughts out there without having to make it all flow. Kinda like putting a few microblogs all in one place. Who knows. Maybe I will do this on the regular?

So here goes. There are three blog posts to choose from this week (scroll down to the relevant title to read all about it, read none, or read all three. Your call!):

  1. There’s a black bird in my living room
  2. Anticipation
  3. Face-palm

1. There’s a black bird in my living room

That was the text I received from DH while on my way home from work. Followed by a video of the bird in front of a mirror on the mantle:

(He has been in Michigan for a clinical rotation for work for the last few weeks. He has 2 roommates. None of whom own birds.)

I burst out laughing. Honestly, this is classic DH. Random things happen to him on a daily basis that make us both laugh at his luck.

He had been up in his room and came down to grab some dinner and heard something in the living room. When he went to check it out it, he saw the bird. Just hanging out on the mantle.

He emailed his landlord. Made a half ass attempt to get the bird out (I’m pretty sure he did nothing). Then went back to his room, leaving it in the living room. He didn’t have a clue how to get rid of it, so did the typical ‘just ignore the problem and it will go away’ thing.

Apparently, one of the roommates got it out eventually. And the landlord was mad at all of them for allowing a bird to get in in the first place.

Nobody knows how it got in or how long it was there. But so far it has not come back. So random.

2. Anticipation

Lining check today.

Sore boobs for a month. Itchy privates. Estrogen-blue stained pee and undies (panty liners cover only so much). A pimple on my face every week. General all around chubbiness.

Yeh. The anticipation was awesome. A real treat. Going to miss it.

Said no women ever.

3. Face-palm. 

7 things that are harder to get than an assault rifle. 


giphy (1)




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