My friend, R, who had a molar pregnancy recently called me last night to chat. We’ve been texting back and forth since she found out and it’s been nice for both of us to talk about what each of us is going through.

She is on a pregnancy moratorium for the next year to ensure that the molar pregnancy cells don’t return as cancer. She recently had an IUD inserted to ensure no accidental pregnancies occur. She’s bummed about that part. But it is what it is and she is making the best of the situation. Shes a trooper! Love her!

It is funny how we are both unable to conceive for completely opposite reasons right now.

I’ve been keeping her updated on my mock cycle and the hope that this will allow us to move on to IVF with DE soon. I mentioned that my sister has said she will donate her eggs, but that I was worried she might be saying yes to something she doesn’t really fully understand just yet. And of course her husband has a say in this as well. Even though everyone is on board right now it is still too early to know for sure.

At the end of the day my sister will be taking some risks for something that is absolutely not necessary. So I am fully prepared to switch gears if she or her husband decides that they don’t want to go through with this. It will suck. But it will be OK. Her health and family comes first. I get that.

Then my dear sweet friend said she would give me hers. No problem. (After her doctors give her the go ahead of course). She said she has even spoken with her husband about it and he is on board with it too. She even offered to donate this summer since she will be in town visiting her parents!

So there you go. I got eggs coming out the yin yang and no uterus to put them in.

I don’t think anything is happening this summer. For one, the wait list at my clinic for a government funded IVF is about 6 months right now. Second,  I will barely have my mock cycle results by the end of this month. Let alone have to go through another cycle before August. Finally, and most importantly, neither potential donor fully understands the process they are potentially signing up for.

So realistically, whether I use my sister’s eggs or R’s, nothing is actually going to happen until next year. And any decisions of whose eggs to use will all be made towards the end of this year. After my uterus cooperates of course.

That being said, it is wonderful of her to offer to help so freely. I am truly touched that she would still offer even though she is going through so much. It is wonderful to have such close friends.

Selfish me wants to take all the eggs I can’t get from both so I can have lots of chances (I fully expect to loose a few along the way. (The risks are just too high with my Dx). But I know that is just not a realistic scenario.

I told R what I have told my sister too: One step at a time. None of the egg stuff matters if the mock cycle doesn’t work. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But I am happy that I have the options available to me. It is one less worry which is always nice when dealing with so many unknowns.


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