5.3 – On CD18 (!)

Not the over 6.0 I was hoping for, but definitely much higher than I have ever been before on CD 18 and thicker than the thickest lining in my last cycle. So looks like I was not crazy to be feeling the hormones working (or maybe I was, and that is the point).

Anyways, I have been instructed to keep at it for the next two weeks and go back in on the 23rd (CD 34) to see if we see any further progress. While I don’t like the thought of being on these hormones for so long, I am hoping that after CD 34 I will have a final verdict and that will be it until the real deal (if the result is positive).

Unfortunately that means continuing my nasty pomegranate cocktails and general discomfort for another 16 days. Ugh.


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