Im not complaining but…damn it’s hot.

Of course on Friday, right before the hottest days this week, our air conditioner would decide to give out.

On Saturday morning around 10 am our place was a toasty 27*C (that’s over 80*F)! Our A/C unit is located at one end of our balcony and was making all sorts of loud protests with little cool air to show for it. Windows were opened and curtains drawn to keep the sun out.

The A/C unit is just over a year old. We checked the paper work for the condo (we purchased it new from the builder so many things are still under warranty) and confirmed that heating/cooling was covered by a 2 year warranty. Emails were sent to the relevant people informing them of the issue.

But of course since it was right before the sweltering hot weekend, I did not expect to receive a response till Monday. DH was in town for the memorial day long weekend (in an odd twist of fate the apartment he is staying at in MI does not have air conditioning either, so he was looking forward to at least a few cool nights of sleep while home for the weekend. Spoiler alert: air conditioning is not in his future).

And today a rep from our builder (who covers the warranty issues) claimed the warranty had expired at the one year mark. The lawyer in me quickly pulled up the relevant paperwork that clearly indicated a two year warranty and sent them a copy asking them for further clarification. They are now ‘investigating’ to confirm coverage. Apparently this issue has come up more than once and they have been dealing with the A/C installer to figure out the warranty coverage issue. They anticipate it will take a few days before they have an answer for me. (My guess is someone somewhere dropped the ball, and the paperwork we purchasers received does not reflect the actual warranty coverage. As a result, the builder is going to have to pay for the service work out of their pocket.)

In the meantime my poor kitty has to sit and melt all day long (I’ve left him lots of water to drink). And I get to really enjoy this early hit of summer we are having in Ontario. Not that I am complaining. I prefer hot to cold any day. But still it is super annoying to have to deal with things breaking down so soon in a brand new place. I really hope that they fix the problem soon. It does not look like the weather is going to be cooling off anytime soon here and I can only handle so many hot sleepless nights. I may just have to resort to sleeping on the balcony if things don’t improve.


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