Red + Blue = Gross

Day 1 was this weekend. I noticed spotting on Friday night so I made the call to the clinic to let them know. And sure enough Saturday (May 21) I had withdrawal bleed lift off.

At this clinic, I have to call the nursing line and leave a message with my Day 1 date, and they call back within 24 hours to confirm my protocol and to schedule my ultrasound date.

The nurse called on Saturday to confirm I was to start the Estrace, 2mg per vagina, twice a day. I started Saturday morning. For some reason, I hadn’t really thought about what it would be like shoving 2 little blue pills up the wahoo while still bleeding. But I guess you stop being grossed out by vagina things pretty early during this whole process.

Guys, what is up with the colour of the discharge when you have blood and Estrace mixing together? Like I think they need a new name for this colour. Sanguine IVF Blue perhaps? Ok so naming things is not my forte. But this is gross.

The discharge is now a nice clean Estrace blue. Still gross.

Ultrasound is scheduled for June 7 (Day 18 of Estrace).


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