Dream big or go back to sleep

Last night I dreamt Aunt Flo came for a visit. This time she was heavy red and glorious. I know. Kinda lame that I actually dream of a heavy period. But there you go. I even got excited about calling in my next day 1 even though my clothes were all stained and ruined. Thanks POI. 

But in reality, nothing yet. Last dose of Pro.vera was about three days ago so I guess anytime now. It’s hard to say it isn’t on my mind. I do want to start this next mock cycle asap so I can start knowing what I am doing for the next year and make some decisions. 

I also want to see a heavy(ish) period. Because then that means the lining got thicker. On HRT these past few years I have had really light withdrawal bleeds. Like 2 days and I’m done. I could get away with using a few panty liners for the whole thing. Sometimes it was a full 4 days! I know, crazy town. Some mild cramping but nothing too crazy. And dark blood. Meaning it was old (sat in there too long) not fresh, which according to the naturopath is what I should be looking for. This time I want it to feel different because in some weird way for me it means the mock cycle is working. And in the end that means hope. 

I also dreamt (in a separate dream) I saw the managing parter at my old workplace (whom I don’t like very much) while I was at my new workplace or some random library/restaurant version of my workplace. I couldn’t speak with him because I was in the middle of a meeting. So basically I gave him the cold shoulder. So random. 

So yeah. I don’t put much stock in my dreams. They are fun to remember, but not sure either of those two will come true anytime soon. But I guess a girl can dream can’t she?

 I put a panty liner on today just incase. 


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