5.0…but wait there’s more!

So remember how I said this was the the last cycle before we close the door on IVF? Apparently never say never. We are Like any good story franchise, this was only part one of the last cycle.

So yes, after 1 more week of estrace, Uterus (yes I am going to refer to my uterus in the third person now since I obviously have no control over it) grew another 1 mm of lining. For a grand total of 5.0mm. Not the best Ive ever had, but better than the last cycle a few years ago.

Dr. Go was adamant that I should not be discouraged by this. He had consulted with his colleagues and wants to try one more round to see if we can’t do better.

So next steps:

  1. Induce withdrawal bleed – Stop taking estrace (continue 100mg patch every other day and leave vaginal ring in). Take 5mg Provera for next 7 days. Wait for withdrawal bleed.
  2. Call in nurses line on Day 1 to schedule Day 14 lining check
  3. On day 1 start: 4mg estrace, per vagina, twice a day. Leave Estring in. Continue 100mg patch every other day.

I also mentioned to Dr. Go about using vaginal suppositories of Sildenafil (Viagra) to boost blood flow to uterus. He said we can consider that as well towards the end of the cycle. But he wanted to start with taking the estrace vaginally to see if it made a difference to give Uterus a direct hit, rather than indirectly by mouth (and filtered through the liver). Then on day 14 we would regroup and adjust the drug cocktail to see what else we can add to get Uterus to behave.

He seemed way more positive today than he was last week about the possibilities and said he had a ‘few more tricks up his sleeve’. Sure Doc. Gimme all you got.

So off we go. Final Mock Cycle – Part 2. Coming this June to a Uterus near me.



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