Microblog_Mondays Ran my very first 10K yesterday*.

Not going to lie, it was hard. It was painful. It was long and I did not do as well as I had planned. Afterwards, my legs and feet were on fire for the rest of the day. And today, the day after, walking is difficult at best. But it was also fun and exhilarating to be able to say that I did it. I ran as much as I could, walked when it hurt too much, and then ran again. I didn’t stop. I achieved something. I finished. I feel fit. I feel great.

But what was the most fun for me was the training. Prior to the race DH and I trained together for 9 weeks.  Although for part of the training he was out of town attending his clinical rotations, he continued his training from where he was, and I would run from home. Every evening after our respective runs we would compare notes. Running faster and longer distances each day kept us motivated. For this weekend he came back into town so we could run the race together.

I am sad that the training is over. The journey was way more fun than the the actual end result. And the race itself was actually a lot of fun. Not to mention the runners high you get after completing a run. We even convinced my sister and brother-in-law to join us for next years race. Maybe we can make this an annual event.

Unlike my IF journey that just keeps going. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a 9 week training program to get me to the finish line of infertility. What if the training was actually more fun than the end result, and could be completed with a partner at each stage. If only. I like my challenges to be achievable. Is that too much to ask?

In the meantime, I am sure it won’t take long for me to find a new race to train for.

*It was also mothers day. Obligatory brunch was had. It was lovely. Glad it’s over. Going to go ahead and brace for fathers day next month.

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7 thoughts on “No longer a running virgin

    1. It’s actually not that bad once you start training. 9 weeks ago running for 3 mins straight was challenging. So it really is amazing how quickly our bodies can adapt.

  1. I have run 10k, but not in a race. We have multiple 5ks every weekend around here but the 10k’s are few and far between. I found that one you run that distance a few times, it doesn’t seem that far any more. Funny how experience changes your perceptions 🙂 (Now if I could just make that work for my brain and a half-marathon…)

    1. Agreed. When I started 5k seemed a lot. But now that’s not so bad. I’m still not quite there with the 10k. I think a few more and then I might get there…

  2. I love the sentiment towards the end there about another race to train for… True! Why does the training have to be over? 1/2 marathon maybe? Another 10K? I always think that the worst part of the infertility adventure is what you alluded to: There aren’t always answers to your questions and there are no guarantees. After draining your emotions, finances, social relationships… Nobody will ever promise you when or how it will end. The certainties of running–the aiming for a very specific, achievable goal, though, helps me deal much better with a lot of life’s uncertainties than I’m sure I would otherwise. If I haven’t run for a few days (same with writing, eating well, or meditating) I feel out of sorts.

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