So yeah.

Not exactly the number I was hoping for. Its like my uterus is stuck at 4. And my brain keeps playing games with me.

Optimistic me: Technically we are exactly 1 month since the last lining check which was the exact same number.

Pessimistic me: Does this doc even know how to read the ultrasound properly? (At this clinic the doctor does the ultrasound rather than a tech, so it’s actually pretty nice to get the results immediately.)

Optimistic me: Dr. G did say we would keep going for 1 more week just to see if we can increase it a bit more. Others with similar lining issues have seemed to do better with a longer period of taking the patch and the pill. He also said he would speak to his colleagues to see if there is anything else they can do to get the lining up there. He is looking for anything over 6 to increase chances of success.

Pessimistic me: Probably should start seriously discussing surrogacy v. adoption. No point in wasting anymore time. I’m not getting any younger here. What was the name of that social worker we met at that adoption seminar last year?

Optimistic me: Need to start chugging the raspberry leaf tea (some forums suggested this helps build lining) and get in a few more acupuncture appointments. Lets throw everything at this last week.



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