T-1 day left till lining check day. Tomorrow I shall find out if 2 years of HRT and this mock cycle has made any difference in getting my uterus to wake up and do its thing.

I have always been one of those people that hates being told ‘you can’t do something’. When I was younger and my mom would say: you can’t watch that movie it is inappropriate. You betcha I would have found a way to rent it or go to a friends house to watch it.

When I was told ‘you have smaller than average lungs, strenuous physical activity will be difficult’. You betcha I keep pushing myself to improve athletically (10K run on Sunday, I see you! and I will conquer you!)

So now, when I hear my uterus is just not responding the way it should. It really gets to me. Don’t tell me what my uterus can or can’t do. I will make it work darn it! (I know this is completely outside of my control, but my control issues should probably be the topic of a whole other post).

Until tomorrow then. Fingers Crossed.


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One thought on “#MicroblogMonday – Fingers crossed

  1. I read the posts out of order, so it’s a little strange to know the answer now when you clearly didn’t when you wrote this. I wish this could be easy and straightforward for you.

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