tingles and itches

So my V-jay is tingly and my tits are itchy. Oh wait TMI alert. Did I forget to say that from the start? My bad.

So yes. Not sure if this is all in my head or if it is the estrogen overload I am giving my body but for the past few days my vagina just feels like it is constantly tingly. Not quite itchy, but not quite a pleasant tingle if you know what i mean… 😉 I do also feel a bit bloated and today my nipples are very itchy. Not painful, just annoyingly itchy. I hope this means that it is working!

In other news, I have found one other person in the forums that has a similar Dx as me! (not sure if this is cause for celebration, but it definitely helps me feel less alone!). She is even going to the same clinic as me! She also had chemo and radiation before she got her period. She too is using DE and did manage to get pregnant but miscarried early on and is trying again soon. Although the road has not been easy, I am still just so glad to be able to share with another with a similar experience. And I really truly hope that this works out for her in every possible way! Sending you lots of good baby making wishes!


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