Acupuncture and vacations

Had my second acupuncture session today. One week away from the lining check appointment. I will be back again on Thursday to give it one more boost. We are treating this like it is an actual transfer appointment, so trying to build lining as much as possible and prep my body for pregnancy. My naturopath explained she was stimulating the blood retention and flow points along my body to encourage lining building and also stimulated my ovaries for good measure. Sure. Why not.

In other news, my 4-month old nephew and I are planning a short weekend trip to New York in July. Of course he has to travel with his entourage (my sister and her husband), but I’m not complaining. AG will most likely also be in New York for work so it should be a fun trip. Also I guess if all goes well we can discuss more DE/Surrogacy related issues, but that is not the point. For now it is a great excuse for me to spend some quality time with my darling nephew and my sister gets to travel (making full use of her maternity leave while she can!) Cant wait!


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