Something about this last ‘all in’ mock cycle has me really anxious. I have spent the last week or so scouring the ends of the inter-webs looking for those that have gone through the same experience as me…POF and ART after chemo/radiation. Or have specifically experienced a successful pregnancy with smaller than average uterus. Something to give me hope, something to show me that I am not alone in this.

The thing I love about blogging is that there is a whole community of people that are sharing their experiences. Ive searched the forums such as and I loved perusing STIRRUP QUEENS’ Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer. I poured through lists of blogs I thought might offer some insight. I’ve been binge reading DE IVF blogs, POF blogs, and even those that experienced complications during pregnancy and still survived.

Yet I still feel like I am alone. Anyone else feel like even though you are surrounded (virtually) by people who are going through IF in their own way, you still are alone in this? Just like a finger print, or a fart (yes I went there, sometimes a girl has got to make herself laugh). Everyone has their own unique brand of IF. And no one quite has that magic answer that makes you rest easy, that everything will be ok for you too.

Anyways, to avoid getting bogged down in the depression of it all, I decided to partake in #MicroblogMondays. At the very least it passes the time.


11 thoughts on “Microblog Monday

  1. Absolutely. I think there are similarities between stories, but each one is unique. That said, I can’t believe if we all pitch in and try to find you a similar story that we can’t dig up another person going through (somewhat) the same thing.

  2. I found you through your link to your MicroBlog Monday post. Wow, so many things to overcome that I’m amazed at how positive you are! I have a son after egg donation – after unexplained infertility and 2nd trimester baby loss. I felt quite alone, howeve reading other’s blogs still showed me that every emotion I was feeling was normal. Not crazy, not a monster, not alone. Normal. It doesn’t make things OK or even better, but it helped a bit.

    1. Absolutely. Writing about it and reading and sharing the experience of others really does help make the whole experience a little more bearable.

  3. Yes, we are all different. And yes, you can feel loved and supported, but still, actually going through infertility and loss can be an extremely lonely time. I do think that it will be okay – but probably not in the way you want to hear. Because I believe that we’ll all be okay, whatever our outcome. It’s just that getting to that outcome is a very sucky process!

  4. Absolutely everybody who has ever gone through infertility thinks their situation is unique & that they are the only one… and nobody else has it as bad. I think all negative things are like that… when we lose someone… when you have anxiety disorders… or an addiction… I think we all think we’re the worst case out there… But you aren’t alone. There are millions of us right here in cyberspace–those going through it & those who have been through it— trying to get each other through the sucky season of our lives called infertility.

  5. I think that we ARE all unique, but what makes us a community is the possibility for empathy. Yes, no one can give you the answers, but we can help hold each other along the way, abiding with that person because we know that even what we don’t know is too much to carry alone.

  6. Here from the round up. And yes, I do feel alone sometimes. Because everybody’s situation is different, although there are so many similarities, obvious and not so obvious. Different and alone even though I’ve received and continue to receive amazing support from so many lovely people! Trying to conceive #2 has re awakened some of the feelings. I’m lucky-different from many others in that I was able to conceive without assistive reproductive technologies. That might be enviable to people who had to have a lot of costly treatments to have a child. But on the other hand, people that used ART often have embryos frozen so they have a plan for child #2 that seems to have a decent chance of working. Whereas my way forward is much less obvious and feels much more dubious in a lot of ways.

    I think in my case feeling alone has something to do with wanting to know the future and control it somehow. I hope I can find someone enough like me to be able to predict what might happen to me, or understand what is happening, and that just isn’t possible!

    1. You know what, I think you are onto something! Maybe it really is this inability to control anything to do with this part of my life that has me grasping for something to predict what my future holds… Thank you! It makes a lot of sense.

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