The drawback benefit of blogging my journey, is the ability to go back and emotionally drain myself see how far I have come and what I have learnt. Currently going through a “too good to be true” phase, so decided to give myself a reality check.

Since 2011 I have completed about 7 mock cycles as follows:

July 201 1- stop taking BCP, start 1st mock cycle taking between 0.5mg to 2mg of estrace. Lining result: 2.8mm

Feb 2012 – Don’t recall the protocol used? Lining result: 3.0mm

March 2012 – Lining result between 4.4. to 5.3mm

Break time – No hormone replacement, experienced some serious menopausal symptoms. Thanks POI!

May 2013 (new clinic) – Estrace 4mg Per Vagina (PV) twice a day – lining result 4mm

June 2013- same protocol, added acupuncture – lining result 5mm

July 2013 – same protocol, added Nupogen injection. Lining result: 4mm

August 2013- Lining result 4mm

( Am noticing a pattern. I seem to have a very distinct average…)

That being said, I have been on HRT since Fall 2013. So about 2.5 years now. I experience withdrawal bleeds every month (albeit very light bleeds).

April 2016 – new clinic, Estrace 4mg orally, twice a day, plus 100mg Estradot patch changed every other day, plus Estring to remain in my vagina (from my HRT).

Starting lining at 4.0mm. On the plus side, I am starting with my average lining…so theoretically we can only go up from here! But given my past response, is this as thick a lining that I can hope to achieve?

I don’t know, the realist skeptic in me is guessing that this time around I will be lucky to see a lining of 6mm. But who knows? I decided to give it all Ive got. Made an appointment with the acupuncturist for next week. Starting taking prenatal vitamins (apparently they assist with fertility…probably not my kind of infertility, but hey why not?! Vitamins are good for me right?).

Expected day 1 is about a week away…


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