Neupogen Follow-up or Why I love my clinic

Just got an email from the clinic. They will not be charging me for the Neupogen injection from my last cycle. That’s about $300.

I know amazing right?

Bascially I had consented to the experimental treatment to see how it would affect my ability to build a lining. It didnt work (at least not in a measurable sense). But nowhere along the way did anyone (not my doctor, nurses, or front desk staff) mention to me that there was a cost to doing this, or how much it would be. I know I have to pay for my drugs, but most of them I get reimbursed by my health insurance provider so I never really had to worry about it.

All my blood tests and ultrasounds have been covered by my Provincial health insurance (I love Canada). So up until now the cost of my mock cycle has been minimal (mostly my time and travel).

And as far as I know you are supposed to be told the cost of things before you buy them. Whether they are drugs or otherwise.

So I was a bit suprised to get a $300 invoice in my email a few days after the Neupogen injection appoiontment. The email stated there was a ‘clerical error’ and they forgot to bill me on the day of the appointment. Since that was the first I had heard about the cost of the injection, let alone that I had to pay it, I was a bit suprised. I told the accountant that I was not happy about this or the way it was handled, but said I would pay the next time I was at the clinic (some point in September, I was in no rush to pay $300).

I just got an email back today saying that they have deleted the charge from my account. Apparently the clinical team decided that they would not charge me for this one. Yay!

I wonder though, is it because I complained, or because it didnt really work? I guess I will find out on Thursday at my meeting with Dr. H. But really it doesnt matter. Bottom line is: the customer service at this place is awesome. I truly cant say many bad things about this place.


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