Neupogen infusion

I had my first Neupogen infusion today.

The whole process took about half an hour from start to finish. You start off similar to a endometrial biopsy, with a full bladder, lying on the bed, feet in stirrups, buck nekid from the waist down.

Dr. H took his sweet time coming in for the infusion, but when he was there he was very good about explaining how the Neupo was supposed to work.

He said that it seemed to have different impact on different people. Some people did not see a difference in the thickness of the lining visually, but did have a much heavier period than normal. Also they found that implantation chances were much improved after the Neupo. Some people even got pregnant. So he believed it was worth trying.

He then did his thing. Inserted a speculum and then with the help of the ultrasound monitor guided a catheter past my cervix into the uterus. Once in, he inflated a baloon to hold the uterus open. This caused a bit of cramping, but was bearable uptill then. He then slowly started to inject (and i use the term loosly as it was really just filling my uterus) the Neupogen. As he injected I started to feel more and more cramping till it got a bit uncomfortable. He deflated the balloon slightly to ease the cramping and that helped alot. It was totally bearable again. He said he would remove the speculum but leave the catheter and baloon in for a bit to allow the Neupo to do its thing. He then left the room.

I lay there marinating for a good 15 minutes. During that time, I started to feel a bit funny. Not enough to cause alarm, but enough to be uncomfortable for a good 5-10 minutes. I cant explain exactly what it was, but it felt like surges of pain going thorugh my spine upto my neck and across my body. Almost like my bones were cramping up. It came in surges, but in about 10 minutes this subsided completely. I looked up the side effects later and ‘bone pain’ has been described in 22% of cases. So that might be what I had. I dont feel anything anymore, and when Dr. H came back, I was totally fine.

When he returned, he explained that he felt that he left the Neupo in long enough that he didnt feel the need for me to come back in 2 days for another infusion, but that it was ultimately my choice. I agreed (no need to waste good Neupogen on a mock cycle methinks) and he said we would continue the cycle as normal and see what happens.

So my next ultrasound is in one week. It will be interesting to see how my body reacts to this. As always… stay tuned…


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