Weird things you dont think about when shoving blue pills up your…

In the weird things you dont think about category…I am in desperate need of a wax. A brazillian wax to be exact. I am pretty regular about getting my waxes. However, since this mock cycle started, I have avoided it for the past 2 months for fear of showing my regular waxing lady a rather blue tinted vee-jay.

But now things are getting out of control and I just cant avoid it anymore. So what do I do. Just be really thorough in my shower the day of and hope to god she doesnt notice? Or do I just tell her straight out: Dont freak out. It may be a bit blue down there. I am not an alien.

Yes I know I could let things just be au-naturel but that is just not me. I like things a certain way and this is as much as I can bear. So I shall bite the bullet and face my waxing lady fears, blue vee-jay and all! Just dont know how you tell a person they are about to see some really crazy colours down there without sounding totally weird…


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