Cycle 3… and Go!

So Cycle 3 started last week. Day 3 was Thursday. Lining was at a surprising 4.3! That’s higher than my starting lining for the last two cycles, and, for those that are keeping track (cause we all know I am), higher than my last lining check of 0.3 at the end of cycle 2… strange no? Oh well makes me wonder if the ultrasound techs are hit or miss at times.

Anyways, it is definitely a boost to the ego that I have started so high. This cycle is a bit different in that I have to go in two additional times for Neupogen injections in the vee-jay. Apparently to really boost lining development. This all happens next week. But first the endometiral biopsy this Saturday to get things going.

Finally we will end with the moment of truth meeting with Dr. H on August 15. Eeeep!

Then I guess I will decide if I want a second opinion with CCRM before putting all my non-existent eggs in one basket.

Ive decided to reschdule my hysteroscopy (once more) until after this cycle is over so as not to mess with the results. I think it is for the best. Also I dont want to do it, so maybe I will have a chance to ask Dr. H if it is absoloutley necessary (my feeling is he will say yes. Boo.)


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