Baby news

On of my besties is preggers! This is her third pregnancy. She miscarried last year and her first was born with downsyndrome three years ago, so it has been a rough few years for both of them. I am really happy for her and hope that this one makes it all the way and is healthy. These guys deserve it, they really are fantastic parents. She has turned her whole life around for her son, just so he can have a better future. Now these are people that deserve to be having children. Cant wait to meet their baby #2!

In other news everyone I know is moving into bigger ‘family’ homes. While I am still stuck in wanting to live in a two bedroom condo. I feel like maybe I am missing something, but it just doesnt seem right to be thinking of a future that just might not be for me. It will probably end up costing us more money to upgrade later in life. But I feel like Iwould be tempting fate too much if I decided to get a 4 bedroom house now. Plus not to mention all the upkeep, cleaning and maintenance that I would be stuck with while DH is off finishing up his schooling. No thanks. 1000sq feet of living space is good enough for me/us.

Besides, if it does happen in the next few years, babies dont take up that much space right? :p



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