Day 15 – 0.5 (!)


Not sure if it was the accupuncture with a lining building protocol I had on Friday, the fact that this is the second cycle in a row and I was starting from a lining of 0.35, or if the supplements I just started taking (likely not the latter since I didnt start those till Friday night and it has only really been 2 full days of supplements).

But something is working. And that makes me super happy! Makes this crazy hectic day at work seem all that much better all of a sudden.

I hope we can see more of an improvement in 7 days when my next lining check happens. Regardless, this is a record for me. So I shall celebrate what I can today 🙂

FYI: Ultrasound lady (same one as last time) says I had alot of gas again today and made it hard for her to see my ovaries. While I am sure that is true (We were at an amusement park all day yesterday and I all I ate was crap all day long….mmmm poutine….mmm….funnel cake….), I am not sure that that is the only reason she cant see my non-existent ovaries. It was funny to see her get annoyed at my gassy tummy. I shall try to eat better before the next appointment….maybe.


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