A surprise long weekend

So I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat. Started to loose my voice throughout the day and sure enough was sick by Monday morning. Ofcourse I had a full day of presentations for Monday just in time for my voice to start really croaking.

I powered through Monday and while my throat is a bit better, as always the infection spread to my lungs and I thought I would power though it with just cough syrup. But now I feel like my lungs are just really stuffed up and have a really bad cough. So I will have to get some antibiotics at this point. So much for fighting through it. My husband has been especially excited to wake up to this man voice every morning.

Ofcourse my Hysteroscopy was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I called them yesterday to tell them I was still sick, and they decided to postpone to June 28. It works out better actually, since that will be almost at the end of this second mock cycle so the procedure shouldnt interfere with the results from this cycle.

I had already booked tomorrow off from work, and decided to keep the day off for a me day. Why not. I still feel ill and could use a day to just lie in bed and do nothing but recovering. Im looking forward to it. A suprise long weekend is awesome, even if I am recovering from a cold for most of it.

Summer colds suck. That is all.


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