Now Entering… Cycle 2

2013-06-05_153217Apparently my residual endometrial lining is 0.35 today (Day 3)! Which is a vast improvement from my ‘day 3’ one month ago result which was 0.2! So hopefully this translates into a thicker, cushier lining this time around.

On a side note. My ultrasound tech told me I had lots of gas today so she had a hard time seeing my ovaries (also probably cause they can never find them, but I didnt mention this). This was funny because I did not feel it until about 20 minutes later and then sure enough… I guess nothing slips by these folks huh? Darn sushi dinner last night.

Starting estrace this evening. Stay tuned for more psychadelic blue fun.

I did ask the nurse about my HRT meds and whether I should be taking them at the same time and she seemed to agree that I should wait until the mock cycle was over to start the HRT. But I did not hear from her that she confirmed this with the doctor…so will be emailing her back to ask this.

I keep forgetting to get my TCM drugs. Need to make a note to purchase these SOON! So I can give this cycle all the help it can get. Hopefully we wont need cycle 3! I am debating whether to go for another accupuncture treatment this cycle. Maybe. Will decide how I feel after the Hysteroscopy on Jun 14.



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