Most. Exciting. Day 1. Ever!







It is Day 1 today!

Not a Day 1 that I made up. I actually am seeing red today! So friggin exciting. Ofcourse this is technically a ‘withdrawl bleed’ so perhaps I shouldnt get so excited. But since I have not had a withdrawal bleed. Or any bleed at all after taking estrace for a month, this is definitly something I will allow myself to celebrate.

I can build a lining. It may not be adequate. But little uterus hasn’t given up just yet! Yay!

Onto mock cycle #2. Awaiting my call from the clinic for my random day 3 test (likely Wednesday) and I will be back at it in no time. This time I am adding the TCM meds recommended by the Naturopath. Stay tuned for deets.

On the TMI front. DH says that having sex this past week has felt amazing for him. i.e. less dry, more… lets say cushy :D….So I guess all those drugs helped improve some things 🙂


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