Is it possible to OD on estrogen?

So after visting the Gyno who will be performing my hysteroscopy in a couple of weeks, he prescibed me some HRT as well. This includes some estrogen cream as well as progesterone supplements to use daily.

After I visited my naturopath Dr. F, she also prescribes several supplements including an estrogen cream and some other supplements to boost lining growth and ovarian response.

I have not started any of these yet, but was thinking of starting them in June with my next cycle. But now I wonder if that is too much? Since the mock cycle will have me ingesting 2mg of estrogen twice a day as well.

How much is too much? Ofcourse I will be posing these questions to the nurse and doctor at my next random day 3 test which will likely be June 7th-ish when I will start my next mock cycle.

I have already emailed Dr. F to ask her opinion on what meds I should be taking during the next cycle.

Until then, only a few more days of supplements for this cycle! Hooray! Never thought I would be this excited to end a cycle.


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