I need a hyster-what now?


I dont know why but I do not remember Dr. H saying he wanted me to do one of these. But all of a sudden, 5 months after my last meeting with Dr. H I get an appointment with a Gyno in the City Dr. G who says that is why I am here. Ok then.

Now lets be real. I went to a Gyno like 15 years ago when I was first put on the pill. And then that was it. I do my usual physical exam, pap smear the whole bit with my family doc. But a physcial exam from a Gyno is a kinda different ball game. And I did not expect it.

So we do the usual chat about why I am here. Ok so Dr. H wants to make sure everything is hunky dory up in uterus land so would like to do a Hysteroscopy. Yes I went home and looked it up. But he also explained the procedure. He says that I will need to be sedated, take several drugs before hand to dilate my uterus and counter the effects of the mild anesthesia, and would not be able to drive home after the procedure. Fun. Oh yes, and I pay for drugs now, and we shall see if they get reimbursed later.

$200 later.

He has me go empty my bladder so he can perform a normal vaginal exam. The usual drop pants, feet in stirrups. So far so good. Then he gets right in there. Speculum comes first, thats fine. Then he starts talking…”so what kind of lawyer are you?” “Do you know so and so”…ugh! Um you are kinda in my private space here. Maybe lets not make with the chit chat. And then out comes the speculum and in goes his finger. Alrighty then. Still making chit chat? Really buddy? Lets not pretend this isnt a little bit wierd.

I just thought it was all a bit funny. My husband was there the whole time so it was all good. But just very unexpected. This wasnt one of those doctors that tells you what he is going to do. He just does it.

We concluded with one more instrument up the va-jay hole. The ultrasound. He seemed to think my lining ‘looked good’. Awesome. Estrace is working! Measured up the fibroids. No luck finding the ovaries, as usual. And we’re done.

Then wipe off the psychadellic blue discharge up and we are good to go.

Until the Hyster-whatever that I am NOT looking forward to and am really wondering if it is entirely worth it. Yes I know he can find things that we might not know about that could result in an unsuccessful cycle and we should make sure we are all clear for when we do decide to go for DE IVF. But still. I dont wanna do it. It sounds scary 😦

Im going in on June 14. Took the day off work. DH will be my designated driver. Have I mentioned Im not looking forward to it?


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