Going au naturopath

I visited the naturopath Dr. F on Thursday. She was lovely. Seemed to really know what she was talking about. We started off with a very detailed history leading upto why I was interested in TCM and her services, what I wanted to achieve with her etc. I was very clear that I dont expect her to ‘cure’ my infertility, but I think she can help me to be as healthy as possible to achive the best I can with my DE/IVF. She was very understanding.

After we chatted I provided a urine sample and she conducted a physical exam which included taking my temperature, pulse, bloodpressure (it was low! suprising since I went off the pill a year ago for having high BP!), looking inside my ears, eyes and at my tounge.

My urine apparently revealed that I am stressed. Interesting. I dont feel stressed, other than the usual worrying on a daily basis about lots of little things. But maybe I am so used to being stressed that I dont notice it anymore?

She said I had a Kidney Yin deficiency with blood stasis as well. (For what its worth, this confirms what I read in the Infertitily Cure as well.)

This was followed by a detailed plan of what supplements I should take to achive my fertitliy goals. Since I am not planning on doing IVF this year, we are focusing on trying to get my ovaries to work as much as possible and to help reduce my symptoms of POF. I will post my recommended treatments in a separate post shortly. She also recommended some tests I get from my regular doctor to ensure I am totally healthy (insuling resistance, thyroid testing etc. (because of my increase in weight in the past year that I complained about). I also recieved lots of pamphlets of info.

I am supposed to avoid sugar, gluten and dairy as they increase inflamation which in turn hampers fertility. Gluten and sugar, ok I can see myself trying to reduce. But dairy? No milk? No cheese! Shoot me now! I live for my morning cup of milk. Instead of tea or coffee i would rather drink milk! She recommended a few alternatives (which I will discuss in detail in another post, and maybe review too). But I will take it in stride. Maybe this new diet will help me loose weight too?! I will try it for the summer. Why not.

Finally we ended with a session of accupuncture. My first time ever. It was…interesting. I did not sleep at all. My mind was racing and just thinking of different things as it does (maybe that is the stress indicated in my urine?). The needles themselves were not entirely painless. Although less painful than a blood draw needle, it felt like a bad insect bite. For some reason the right ankle point hurt the most. She said she would do a lining building protocol. This invloved a bunch of needle points along my legs and at my hips and uterus. The needles over my ovaries were then stimulated with electric pulses that felt much like water dropping under my skin. But not in an uncomfortable way. It was just warm and vibratey to be specific. Like I said. Interesting.

After about 30 minutes she came back. Took out the needles and I was off.

We decided I would start her meds and supplements at my next cycle, so as not to mess up the results of this cycle and to have a good baseline to start with to see if the TCM helps my next mock cycle. So next appointment with Dr. F isn’t until July.

I am very curious to see if there is a big difference after the accupuncture and TCM. Bloodwork and ultrasound were schedule for this morning and…


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