Day 14 -> Lining 0.4

Not bad! Half-way into the cycle and we are already getting close to the max lining I managed to build with Dr. G at the previous clinic. So I guess that is a good sign. Maybe the accupuncture worked? Ofcourse I am taking way more estrace than I did during the previous few mock cycles

Next week is the next BW&U day. And then prometrium starts. Maybe even…dare I say it… a period?!

Here’s hoping there is more of an upward trend, speaking in lining thickness terms ofcourse.

In the TMI category: Estrace has me incredibly dry down there. I even ripped the ultrasound tech’s wand condom as she tried to have a look cause it just would not slide in. She had to use some lube to get it in there. Imagine all the fun for me and DH this month! Not to mention everything that touches me down there turns turquoise!

Oh yes! And the Phlebotomist (Bloodwork tech girl) took only 2 pokes this time! I made sure to drink a full 4 glasses of water and a tea prior to the test (my ultrasound tech was not as impressed! You cant make ’em all happy I guess). I told her which vein to poke this time, but she decided to go with a different one for the first poke…then, with my best  smug look ever, I said ‘I told you so’ and then she listened to me. Got it right the second time. Will she learn for next week? Stay tuned. My veins can’t wait to find out!


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