Endometrial Biopsy

The EB was yesterday. It went as well as it could, considering I was voluntarily allowing someone to suck out my insides. It went a lot faster than I expected actually. I got there right at 9. The quickly ushered me into the ultrasound lab.

Dropped trou, barely got on the table before the doc came in and the tech was checking my bladder. Apparently drinking 32oz prior was not sufficient to fill my bladder, but in this case he said it was not crucial for them to see into my uterus as it would be if this was a transfer. Good to know. I also made sure to take an ibuprofen about an hour prior to the procedure.

Then the fun started. Insert feet into stirrups, easy. Insert speculum, not bad. Dilate cervix and insert Pipelle aspirator. That was not fun. It was not unbearable pain, but at the same time it was enough to make me tense up and make a funny face. My husband (who was in the room) said I looked like I was not having fun. It felt alot like what I imagine intense menstrual cramps would be like if I hade ever experienced them. Thankfully it was over in about 10 seconds (the painful bit). Doc pulled it all out, and we were done. I think it took longer for me to put my pants back on than it did the procedure.

I experienced a bit of spotting after, but nothing too crazy. And today nothing. Just feels a bit sore in my uterus.

One thing I forgot to ask the doc was when I can have sex again? DH and I decided that we would give it 24 hours at least. But today my quicke google searches tell me that I should wait a week for the wound to heal. Im inclined to agree now as I can still feel very mild cramping down there, so it must not be healed yet.

What do you think?


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