5 pokes later…the mock cycle begins!

Finally, I called in for my ‘day 3’ test to start my mock cycle this week. I decided day 3 would be today. So they had me come in at 7am to do my blood work and ultrasound (it takes me about an hour to get to my clinic from home, and then another hour to get to work. Ugh).

Bloodwork – all they needed was a tiny little tube of blood but my veins were having none of it. It took 4 pokes to get enough blood to fill one vial! Ridiculous. To be fair I have notoriously difficult veins. The poor nurses. One tried twice, and then decided to pass it on to the other nurse, who also had to try 2 more times before bagging a vein that wouldn’t play hide and seek with the needle. Ive decided next time i will draw a bulls-eye where the succesful prick was so that we dont have to play this game again. Human pin cusion is not fun at 7am in the morning.

Ultrasound – luckily there was only one poke for this one. But not a very fun one. They always have a hard time finding my ovaries. It is just a lot of uncomfortable pushing.

An hour and a half after I arrived, (way too long, will try going in at 6am next time to see if that makes it faster) I finally saw the nurse to discuss the particulars of my mock cycle:

  • April 30 – begin Estrace 4mg pv (per vagina – how fun!) 2 times a day
  • May 5 – Endometrial Biopsy
  • May 13 – Bloodwork & ultrasound
  • May 20 – Bloodwork & ultrasound
  • May 21 – Add Prometrium 200mg pv 3 times a day
  • May 30 – last doses

Ofcourse I am not sure what I am supposed to after May 30…have sent her an email to ask about that. Since I dont get a period (and dont expect to get one after this), it is hard for me to gauge what happens next)

They emailed me my results:








No big surprises there.

Next step. Endometrial Biopsy. This is going to be a Fun month.



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