Coming from the east…

Increasingly now, it seems that TCM and acupuncture seem to go hand in hand with  IVF or ART in general (you need to look at that handy-dandy abbreviations chart now don’t you?). I have never really been one to use ‘home remedies’ to cure any of my ails. I grew up around western medicine. Western medicine cured me many times. My body responds well to drugs. So why fix what aint broke?

Until now.

I am definitely broke, and while western medicine has its ways to fix me. These are not 100% for sure. So I am opening up my mind to TCM. I know it wont be a quick fix. And I know it wont get me ovulating, or restore my period (but a little part of me wishes it could), but maybe, just maybe it could be that little push my body needs to build a lining cushy enough for an embryo to call home…

I have been perusing for reviews of Naturopaths in my area. One who comments regularly on seems to be the only one whose site really focuses on infertility. She also has been trained by Dr. Randine Lewis, whose book I am currently reading.  Of course, like all things in my life, she is one of the more expensive ones, and her office is about 30 mins drive away from me, without traffic, (and let’s be real, when is there ever no traffic in a big city?)

There are others. An acupuncturist that is locates much closer to home that specializes in infertility, but then he doesn’t do naturopathic medicine, so what little my health insurance will cover will be unavailable.

A few naturopaths closer to home list infertility as one of the areas they treat on their website, but it does not look like it is an area they ‘specialize’ in. They have decent reviews, but none with regard to infertility.

So what do you think? Do I go to someone who is trained and licensed, closer to home, but may not be fully experienced in my particular problem (but with good reviews of course). Or do I splurge and go for the one that I am pretty sure has seen this all before? Does experience really matter with TCM? They do say that they treat the root of the problem, not the symptoms. So does experience really matter?


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