Cat piss, no bananas and chunky milk

That’s how my day got started.

Woke up to work out as usual. Went to my basement and there I smelt it. The cat piss. Stupid cat has been all worked up lately since we havent been letting him out to play. I never really wanted him to be an outdoor cat, but my dad (against my protests) let him out a couple of times last summer, and then one day he came home with a bloody paw (lost his nail somewhere). He was fine, but I put him back on house arrest and now that the weather is getting warmer he is not a happy camper. I assume the pissing in the basement is a protest to that.

So I am left to deal with the protest pee. Workout scrapped. Early morning laundry it is.

Finally, ready for work I decide to make myself my usual oatmeal breakfast shake, pour some oats, chia and milk into my magic b*llet, go to grab a banana to throw in, and we are out! Gah! What is a breakfast shake without the banana. Ugh. Down the sink it goes. Decide to pour myself a bowl of cereal instead, had to go for a new bag of milk, and sure enough, Chunky milk comes out. Fan-friggin-tastic!

I dumped it all in the sink and just bought a breakfast sandwich on my way in to work. So much for staying healthy today.

Lets hope the day gets better from here.


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