One year later….

Exactly 1 year and one week later I have returned.

A lot has happened professionally. New job. Which I LOVE. DH on a new career path which begins with med school. Which he loves. We sold our house (long story, but this is good too). Things are looking up. To top it off, yesterday I won $110 in free accessories from stella and dot at a work related trunk sale, so I get to buy myself some totally unnecessary jewelry just to make me happy. Shopping is always so cathartic!

On the baby front I had my family physician refer me to Hannam in Toronto this past summer. I have to say, despite the long wait, it took 3 months for me to see the Dr., that Dr. Hannam is fantastic. As a doctor he seems very efficient and really knows his stuff.

The clinic itself is very efficient as well. They communicate with you via email which makes things much faster. You have a dedicated nurse who you can call or email anytime, and they do respond within a few hours in most cases. So as a clinic I have a very good impression of them.

It is actually quite funny to see Dr. H in person, as he speaks into a dictaphone the whole time he is with you so that he can dictate any letters and such for refferals at the same time. It is kinda weird but cool at the same time. Just a strange way to have a conversation.

Dr. H ran a test (that OHIP does not cover and costs $100): the Anti-Mullerian Hormone test which basically tells me what my ovarian reserve is, you can read more about it here.

He also had me do a sonohysterogram (SHM) which is a short procedure where they use an ultrasound and an inflated balloon inside by uterus to help have a better look at whats going on in there.

The AMH test revealed, as we suspected, my ovarian reserves are very low. Normal is at about 6 and mine was close to 17. Which basically means my body is trying to get my follicles to develop eggs but my ovaries are just not responding. Premature Ovarian Failure. POF.

The SHM found something that looked like a cyst and the Dr. had me go in for a follow up pelvic MRI to determine if it was something that needed to be dealt with. That was in January. I have not heard anything from the Dr. office since so I guess that is good news.

Dr. H also recommended me to a specialist that deals with women with POF, which will help me to answer my questions about long term care and handling what basically is early menopause symptoms. That appointment isn’t until August of this year.

At the end of our meeting, Dr. H said that donor egg was my only option, but that with my sister’s ‘younger’ eggs we have a very good chance of getting pregnant. He asked when DH and I wanted to get pregnant and I said that we were planning for early 2014. So he said to come back when we were ready to start, as there would be no wait time now. I explained that I had my doubts as to whether my uterus would respond and build a lining (also explaining what happened at ISIS), and he said we could go through a mock cycle to determine if this was the case. He recommended that I do 3 consecutive months of a mock cycle which would give my body time to get used to building a lining. He said that it was likely that the first month I may not build very much at all, but as the hormones start to build in my body we should see a difference each month.

He left it with me to start my mock cycles whenever I wanted. I can call in to the clinic and get my protocol and have the prescription called into the pharmacist so it should all be pretty straight forward.

I have decided that I will start in May. The weather will be better so the drive into the clinic wont be so bad (1 hour from where I live/work to the clinic). I will have new health insurance to cover the drugs so that will be helpful, and DH will be back in town so he can deal with any mood swings first hand! (he has been away for school for the past 2 years, with conjugal visits in between :), another long story I shall tell one day).

So until then we wait.


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