0.47. Gah!

Good? Bad? I dont know! A little bit of (a) and a little bit of (b) I guess.

The good. It’s still going up. The bad. It is going up way too slowly.

This time the doctor took a good 5 minutes to locate my chart. He starts going on about my ovaries not showing anything. And yet again I start telling him about doing a lining check cause my ovaries are busted. He quickly realized that I am only here for a lining check (pretty sure Ive told them this a gajillions times by now), and that my file is not in the electronic tablet they carry around, but my lining numbers are actually recorded on a slip of paper by hand, and kept in the physical file. (I overheard the other doctor, who saw me two day earlier, tell him about this. She remembered my name and what I was there for. Thank god she was in too!)  Oh and the last time I came in on Day 15…the nurse failed to update the sheet. Fantastic.

So anyways, this doc decided he would update it in front of me, recording the lining number and the dosage. Which is a good thing because now I know what to tell them to look for in my file. I wish I could just carry the file with me so there is no more confusion. This guy says he wants me back on Saturday to see if it goes up any more. Apparently Dr. G is the doctor for Saturday so hopefully I get my consult with him out of the way and we can make a decision about this dang lining.

Good stuff.


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