0.42. Shit.

So yeh. Today’s lining check revealed that the lining had increased by a measly 0.02 in the past 2 days. This sucks. However they have not given up hope yet. I am now instructed to take the pills orally and vaginally. Fun! So here I am. Lying in bed with my laptop, waiting for the 2 pills I shoved up my vag to dissolve. Apparently I also have a blue-ish purple discharge to look forward to for the next couple of days.

Smurf Vag. So fun.

I’m back in on Wednesday (in 2 days) to see if this new method of taking estrace helps move things along. I have to say though. They seem to be getting much better at knowing me and my file. Not that anyone recognizes me at the clinic yet. But this morning when I arrived at 7am for my ultrasound I was in and out in all of 15 minutes (it probably took longer to dress and undress than the ultrasound itself). And the nurse had my results ready before I could even get to the nurse’s station. She told me the result and said she would call Dr. G later and confirm my dosages, but that I was to come back in on Wednesday. She knew what I was there for with out me having to explain it to her. That in itself is a massive improvement from every other time I have been in. So while I am still apprehensive about ISIS, they are moving in the right direction to redeem themselves.


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