A little something special for a little someone special

I know, two posts in one night?! I guess I am a binge blogger.

Nov 5th, 2011, my cousin and his wife had their gorgeous baby girl. Named after her great grandmother (my grandmother) whose birth date was Nov 6. It is all quite poetic really. She is lovely. And for those that are keeping track this is that same baby that I was mad about oh about 9 months ago. I am far from bitter. Seeing babies has a funny way of making people turn to mush. It is a dangerous thing. My mother is in high ‘I want a grandchild’ alert. Im sure my sister and her husband are gearing up too. There is the other baby that was born to another cousin of mine 8 weeks prior that doesn’t make things any easier.

I was ready to give up on baby making. I am still unsure if I should even try. But seeing babies clouds my judgement and makes me want to try again, no matter what the cost.

It does not help that I have been let go at work, and will be unemployed as of Jan 31. I am hopeful that I will find something soon enough. However the uncertainty about the future is quite depressing. Not having money, makes it an easy decision. I guess we aren’t even considering the baby thing for another few years at least. The timing is just not right. Its not like I was in a rush. But I don’t like being restricted like this.

In the meantime I shall enjoy the baby boom we have. I have crochet a few pretty headbands for the little one. A little something special for a little someone special. I do look forward to playing with her, and watching her grow.
I got the idea from here

I might also attempt a fuzzy teddy bear hat. Ill let you know how that goes. Hooray for unemployment.


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