Estrace Test Update

So turns out I miscalculated and I am actually expecting AF much sooner this month than I had previously thought! (I went and actually counted how many BCPs I had left, rather than assuming as I was doing before). So basically I will be able to complete the Estrace Test and schedule my ultrasound for a couple of days before I leave on vacation, so looks like I shall be Estrace Testing in a few weeks after all!

This is what the updated schedule looks like:

May 29 – Jun 1 (CD1 -4) Estrace 0.5mg twice a day, call to book transvaginal ultrasound on CD15.

Jun 2 – 6 (CD 5 -9) Estrace 1mg twice a day

Jun 7 – 11 (CD 10 – 14) Estrace 2mg three times a day

Jun 12 – Ultrasound

Book appointment with Dr. G for 2 weeks after ultrasound.


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